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I offer digital styling as a solution for ladies I've connected with but live in a different state. We are still able to work together! After our virtual consultation (you choose the method; video or text), I curate a wardrobe for you just the same as I do with my in-person clients. This is perfect for those who love to online shop as well (though I also choose stores local to you if you don't like to shop online). I will craft everything together in an email; all you have to do is click & purchase!

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Do you not have the time or simply hate to shop? I get it; there are better things you could be doing than idling staring at a rack on a Saturday. Let me handle that for you. After our consultation; I will curate a wardrobe specially for you and your budget. Don't worry, I handle the returns for you as well if anything doesn't work out. 

+ Open to Las Vegas, Nevada Residents only.

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Why invest in yourself and your brand by hiring a stylist? When you do, you get personalized styling advice specifically tailored to YOU. Learn exactly which colors, patterns, and clothing cuts that will help you: dress thinner, look younger, and appear taller. The secrets you learn in one afternoon saves you money from purchasing ANOTHER unflattering top/jeans/whatever. You'll know immediately from the hanger if it will work for your body type. Handouts are included for use when you shop alone.

+ Open to Las Vegas, Nevada Residents only.

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I help brands style their products for marketing campaigns. Make your product visually appealing & increase your sales! From clothing to dishware - I can style it. 

+ Price will be determined based on what the project requires.

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All the new clothing items in the world can't fix a broken closet. Wardrobe Editing takes things back to the basics. This service involves cleaning out your closet to determine what's working and what isn't. After we've sorted through your goodies; I construct a plan to fill in the missing items and update your wardrobe. After all is said and done; you'll have a new wardrobe and have learned tricks of the trade for maintaining your new look - no more frantic mornings trying to figure out what to wear!



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